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Playlist Pitching
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Submission Process

Every submission is reviewed thoroughly in order to approve artists we are willing to work with. You are not paying for streams or playlist placement. Our experienced music team will find your music the best audience. We take pride in customizing your audience with the wide range of list curators we work with. HipHop, Rap, Indie, Pop, EDM make up our audience of over 1,000,000 followers. (Inquire about campaigns bigger than 600,000 follower reach)

Approval / Process

If you are approved we will communicate with you through email . Any campaign we approve will begin in 24/48 hours. We do NOT approve every song we get unfortunately so if you get denied you are allowed to send over a different song. Please make sure you select the best single for our team to work with and some information upon yourself and success. All Submissions can be sent to

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